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Monday, 17 October 2011

Car Boot Bargains.....

Last Sunday marked the last car boot fair of this season, this is when you pretty much know that summer is over! :(

For many people you either love car booting or you hate them- I personally LOVE them, however I don't always have the best luck with them & bagains/good quality items for me, can sometimes be unheard of. But this Sunday I managed to find some lovely pieces for next to nothing.

Now many of you may not have ever been to a car boot sale before, but its pretty much a field full of cars, with people selling unwanted items on tables in front of their cars. Normally if you want to grab yourself a bargain, you need to be there super early- I'm talking like 7am onwards! Now the thought of having to get up before sunlight on the day of rest may terrify some of you (I hate the feeling of having to leave my warm, toasty bed) however you can get some very good quality items & for really good prices. But you need to be patient! Sometimes you may find nothing, but the chances are the next car boot you go to there will be something you like.


1. Wear sensible shoes. If your in a muddy field, get out your Wellington boots!

2. Have an idea in your head what you want to buy, therefore you can scan tables quickly to avoid hours of walking around.

3. Always check the quality of the items. Whether its a DVD or Jumper, double check to see if the correct DVD is in the right case/any scratches? ect, has the jumper got any holes in it?

4. Have a maximum price that you want to pay for in your head & offer £3 lower then you want to pay for it. Then haggle it to the nearest price you can get, to your maximum price. This will give you an indication of how much it's worth.

5. Always carry loose change- never carry anymore then 1 £10 note (unless your going to be buying a lot of furniture!)Be patient. Sometimes you won't find anything at all, but it's the fun part of car booting!

So here are two treasures I managed to find at the last car boot fair & I only spent £5!! Bargains! Haggled the jumper down to £3 from £5 & the bag was a bargain £2!

Have you brought any car boot/charity shop bargains recently?

Much Love,




Saturday, 1 October 2011

Glitter Overload: Revlon Facets of Fuchsia....

I'm a HUGE sucker for anything glittery.
Hats, Bags, Eye Shadow, Nail Polish you name it, I'm drawn to it- kinda like a mouth to a flame or a magpie to a coin (makes more sense!?)

So I was wondering around lost in Superdrug on my lunch break (to avoid staring at the wall in the staffroom!) & I passed the Revlon counter. Now I have NEVER brought anything from Revlon before, my normal routine is "Oh, Revlon. Too expensive. Off to the Barry M counter I go." However being the bargain hunter that I am, a bright red sign caught my eye- "half off",or something along those lines it read :S
& so, onward I went, to boldly go were no Elle has gone before. &whilst looking at a gorgeous mint coloured nail polish & pondering whether it was too depressing to buy a summer colour when summer had left the building, this little baby caught my eye.

It's slightly jazzier then I would normally choose, being a neutral gal that I am, however sometimes you just need to have a little sparkle in your life so I thought, why not give it a go! Plus I'd heard quiet a few good reviews on it which may have swayed my judgement!

So, on application I was slightly disappointed. I applied one coat of the polish thinking "oh it's uber glittery so I won't be needing another coat". No, I was wrong. The first coat only slightly covers your nails in polish, a light grey colour with hardly any glitter whatsoever. At this point I was completely regretting my purchase & cursing my magpie eye. However, I pulled myself together & gave it one last try- a second coat.
& thank god I did because it was only on this application that what I had been expecting on my first coat ACTUALLY happened. I suppose the light grey first coat acts as a base coat, that allows the glitter to stick & the true colour to come out on the second application. Also a huge thumbs up for this polish because it dries super quickly, I'm talking under a minuet which for me is brilliant & what I look for in a good nail polish.



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I'm glad I did not stick with my first thoughts about this & that I gave it another go, because otherwise I would not have seen this in all of it's amazing glory. My overall thoughts are that I really like this polish, it lasts for a really long time- it did not chip until 4 days in, the pop of coloured glitter on a dark grey background is a great look for autumn, I love how quickly is dries & I love the overall idea.

Thumbs up from me :)

Have you guys had good experiences with Revlon Nail Polish?

Much Love,
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