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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Becoming Blair or Serena.....

Calling all Gossip Girl fans.
Want to dress like Blair or Serena?

Now is your chance, as it has been announced that Warner Bros are teaming up with Juliet Corture to create a clothing line inspired by the likes of Blair & Serena.
The pieces will be very resonably priced ranging between $80 to $200, & will be stocked in Kitson, Saks 5th Avenue & Neiman Marcus (sadly only avalible in the US).

For me, the concept is brilliant.
Every girl/woman watches Gossip Girl, not only because of the storyline or the yummy guys (swoons at Ed Westwick & Chance Crawford) but because of the fashion. It is what Sex & the City was seven years ago. It is couture, designer packed & iconic. We lust over everything paraded across our screens each week & wish we could own something they wear.


From these pictures it looks a little cheap & tacky for me.
Not very Serna or Blair, more like Jenny Humpries. I would liked to have seen less skinny jeans & strippy tunics & more bright colours, sophisticated dresses, different prints, embelished blazers & 'IT' bags. I understand if you need to dial it down from what you see on screen to make it wearable for everyday, but taking small elements from each outfit & turning it into something us 'regular' folk can wear is easily achievable & for a good price, would sell very well.

Take a look for yourselves & tell me your thoughts?

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Much Love,

Baby's First Steps In New York....

I am not a huge fan of Victoria Beckham.
Don't get me wrong her outfits are classic & well put together.
She is very polished.
I like some of her designs from her collections.
Her husband is GORGEOUS (until he opens his mouth! Sorry Becks!)
But there is just something TOO polished & posh about her that makes me just not a huge fan!


Harper Seven Beckham is gorgeous.

This week every paper I picked up, she was in it being shown the world of New York City & the world that her parents live in. Shopping in Prada, dressed in VB, Paraded down 5th Avenue with light bulbs flashing & paparazzi everywhere- Victoria must have been teaching her the fine art of public appearances & shopping.

Its is clearly visible that Victoria LOVES her daughter an incredible amount (as she is the daughter they have both craved for, for years) & who could not blame her, I AM IN LOVE WITH HARPER TOO ♥

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Prediction: She will be a bigger fashion icon then Suri Cruise & will be a bigger star then her parents.

Watch this space!

Much Love,
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